Free Thanksgiving Printable Pack for Holiday Fun

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday, and it just doesn’t get the holiday hoopla it deserves! So to help you bring a bit more fun to your holiday I’ve created this free Thanksgiving printable pack for you to download and enjoy.

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What’s Included in the Thanksgiving Printable Pack?

So what does this free Thanksgiving printable pack include? In this 11-page printable, you will find an ABCs of Thankfulness.

ABCs of Thankfulness Page

Have you children make their personal list of things they are thankful for, or to include the whole family, pass it around with each person adding to the list with each turn.

Free Thanksgiving Printable

2 Sudoku Puzzles for Young Learners

Use these to keep your youngest learners busy and thinking! These are two easy sudoku puzzles that introduce your kids to sudoku and is a great opportunity for an older child to help and teach a younger child.

Free Thanksgiving Printable

3 Thanksgiving Coloring Pages for the Entire Family

For fun for everyone, or to keep the little hands busy while you’re in the kitchen, there are three coloring pages for your family to enjoy.

As a added bonus, you can use them for decoration once their finished.

Free Thanksgiving Coloring Pages

3 Thanksgiving Mazes for Holiday Fun

Who doesn’t love a maze? These are great puzzles to keep everyone happy and engaged through the bustle of the Thanksgiving holiday.

Free Thanksgiving Printable Mazes

More Ideas for Thanksgiving Fun

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There are also other homeschool resources to add to your November, such as my Fall and Thanksgiving Copywork and Poetry Teatime Planners.

Each contains copywork pages for the selected poems, plus additional games, activities, and coloring pages. The copywork selections span a range of ages from elementary to high school.

Additional Thanksgiving Homeschool Resources

Art of Fall Course
Free Thanksgiving Printable Pack

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