Our Relaxed Homeschool Day With Six Children (15, 14, 12, 10, 7, and 3)

A homeschool day in the life post is supposed to be a snapshot, the recollection of just one day in the string of many that create an educating life.

But that is so difficult for me, as one day will just be a sliver of our homeschooling life. It won’t look anything like the totality of our experience learning at home.

Every day is different and varies from some routine to complete spontaneity. So I’ll do my best to keep it on point for one day with few diversions.

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Early Mornings

As a mom of six children, early morning has become my respite and quiet time before the storm. This wasn’t always my routine. Nursing babies and little ones up all night made getting up early impossible.

But with teenagers who sleep later and no one to soothe at night, I find morning is the perfect time to wake up, blog, and prepare myself for the onslaught of commotion that is homeschooling six children.

I usually get up around 5:30, have coffee and do my blog writing. Attempting to write while being peppered with questions is impossible, so this is the only time I have to concentrate.

My younger girls usually start getting up around 7  and like to have some quiet time to wake up.

If I have time, I’ll try to sneak back upstairs and get a shower before my 3-year-old is up, but if I miss that window, I’ll just wait a bit longer while I hold him. He likes some snuggle time when he gets up, and I’m happy to oblige.

Today, I make it upstairs and get a shower in relative peace. I get back downstairs without waking up my little man. Win!

Homeschool Strewing

Getting Started on Our Homeschool Day

The youngest four are now up, and they have a little breakfast. I’m just putting back the coffee. All of my co-op materials are still sitting in the kitchen, so I get those stashed away until next week.

My 10-year-old works on fixing her diorama she made at co-op yesterday, some pieces had come loose. The 3-year-old want’s to be held for a bit, so we move to the living room to be more comfortable.

Since I’m already sitting, I decided to start our read aloud, but first, we get some coloring books out, so my active 10 and 7 years olds stand a chance of being still for a bit.

Once settled we finish My Father’s Dragon and read from Story of the World 2, Vincent’s Starry Night, 50 Famous Stories Retold, and our Usborne Fables from Around the World.

My 15-year-old wanders in at some point and my 14-year-old sleeps late while recovering from co-op the day before. She’s an introvert like her mother and Tuesday after our homeschool co-op calls for a little slower pace.

Everyone is starting to get antsy, so we move to the kitchen to do some individual work.

My 10-year-old gets out her newest Science Expeditions kit from Little Passports and we construct her rocket. This month was about aerodynamics and she’s already made the hovercraft. We’ve enjoyed this subscription box and I love the bag it comes with to keep everything contained.

Science Expeditions Little Passports

I work on reading with my 7-year-old and my 12-year-old does some independent work. Once my 7-year-old is done, she and the 3-year-old start building forts.

The 15-year-old has gotten some coffee and gone back upstairs to get ready. She’ll start working on her lessons upstairs. The 14-year-old comes down at some point and starts playing with the 3-year-old.

Play and Break Time

Next, everyone runs off to play together while I do some picking up, switch laundry, and get some lunch cooking.

They’ve gone to the basement and the pause in activity is nice, but soon everyone is back up.

Two of the girls are taking the Photography for Kids course through Udemy and participating in the Techie Homeschool Photography Club, so they sit down to watch a video.

This leads my 12-year-old to realize her flash isn’t working correctly and we’re on a Google hunt now to correct the issue. We figured it out and we’re off to eat some lunch.

After lunch, we clean up and I decide it’s a good time to take some blog photos. That takes a bit because I’m not a proficient photographer.

I ask my 15-year-old to come downstairs and help. She helps me look through the photos and decide which are best.

We talk about what she’s done today and she sits on the couch reading Emma.

Later in the Afternoon

A little later, I remember that we need to work on our Journey North Mystery Class data. We’re two weeks behind, but we catch up on one weeks times. We’ll finish our catching up tomorrow.

At this point, the sun is shining and it’s a rare warm February day, so everyone wants to play outside. We finish up what work we needed to do and they go out to play with some neighbors.

The past week has been exceptionally warm, so they have been playing in the woods almost daily. They have a whole society going on over there with a division of labor and handmade tools.

This is the kind of play that I just can’t interrupt with a grammar worksheet.

Our Relaxed Homeschool Day

How a Homeschool Mom Uses Free Time

Since I have a little free time, I make a cup of tea and do a little blog work. However, this leads me to my little rabbit trail.

Since we’ve been utilizing to prepare for a CLEP exam, I decided to do more research.

Our state has a generous dual enrollment program so I thought it would be a good idea to check our local universities general education requirements. I went through those and made a list of which courses I felt she could complete through dual enrollment, possible CLEP credit, and ones that might need to be taken at the 4-year college.

It was time well spent because I now feel comfortable helping her choose courses that will ultimately count towards a degree.

The Rest of the Homeschool Day

It’s getting later now and my husband will soon be home. I start some dinner and the girls are still playing in the woods.

We eat dinner, clean up, and I take a bath. I need the quiet time, but it doesn’t last too long because they all find me.

I then help the younger ones take a bath and we pile on the bed. They want to watch Doc Martin with me. I love British shows.

As we wind down, everyone heads upstairs and listens to audiobooks or reads. We aren’t ones to stay up late. My husband has to get up early, so we don’t make a habit of late hours. I’m more of a morning person, so this suits me fine.

Is This All There is to a Homeschool Day?

Probably not, I made notes but I’m sure I forgot a lot of things. It’s hard to collect all the random conversations and activities in a homeschool day. If anything, this made it clear to me how much I forget and that I really should be better about journaling our day.

This was a relatively low key day. The day before was a long day at co-op and tomorrow will be field trips and a long day out, so I purposefully didn’t overload today. We all needed some time just to be and relax.

I’m not one to over schedule our days, and my goal is to our homeschool days be a balance our outside activities, focused learning time at home, downtime, and living an interesting life.

Homeschool strewing

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  1. I loved reading this, Bethany! I have 6 children, too, but my youngest is only 3 months old… it’s nice to see that getting up in the morning is a little easier when you haven’t been nursing and comforting toddlers all night. 🙂
    And I followed a little rabbit trail myself by exploring your other blog posts. I love your thoughts about strewing!

    1. Oh good, Faith. Yes, I’ve only been able to get up early in the last year or so. Back when everyone went to bed at a decent time, I could stay up a little bit and it not be too late. Mornings are now my time.

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