How to Get Middle School Writing Help with WriteAtHome

Online Middle School Writing Help with WriteAtHome

Homeschool parents often worry about two subjects: math and writing.

It’s not because you are confident in every other subject you’re teaching, but because you know how important these two skills are for your child’s academic success and adult future.

Adding to the stress is your own concern that your skills may not be up to par with what is expected in high school, college, and the workforce.

There is also this belief that a person is either naturally gifted in these subjects, or is doomed to struggle.

However, today we have the opportunity through technology to find the help we need for our children’s success. Instead of fretting over whether we have the writing skills needed to help our child, we can access the middle school writing help needed to improve their skills and ours while making our homeschool days easier.

Middle School Writing Help

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Writing Help at Home

Good writing is a bit like art; you know it when you see it.

And though I may know what needs to be added and adjusted to improve my child’s writing, they don’t always take even the most gracious constructive criticism well when it comes from mom.

So when given the opportunity to get some middle school writing help from a third party, I was all in.

WriteAtHome offers online writing workshops and courses with access to personal coaches that offer your student valuable feedback.

No more worrying whether they are writing enough or wondering if you’re providing an adequate assessment of your child’s writing.

WriteAtHome provides the structure and feedback necessary to improve your child’s writing skills.

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How WriteAtHome Works for Middle School Writing

When we agreed to give WriteAtHome a try, choosing a course was difficult because I have several girls in middle school and high school that would benefit from a personal writing coach. Ultimately, I decided my 12 year old would benefit the most and chose the Middle School Narrative Writing Workshop.

The workshops are 8-week courses that we found to be the perfect length. It is long enough to make progress, but not so long that you begin to lose steam.

Once you access your workshop, there is a syllabus tab that lists each week’s assignments and due date.

Middle School Writing Help

Each week includes an online lesson for your student to read and a short quiz to reinforce the content. They then have their writing assignment for the week outlined.

There was a short introductory paragraph in this eight-week workshop the first week, and then we focused on two pieces of writing. After each draft, the writing coach gives feedback on what they feel could be added to improve the piece. Your child then makes revisions.

The workshop alternates between these two written pieces, and by the end, your child will have written a rough draft and two revisions on the two pieces of writing.

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WriteAtHome to the Rescue

How did WriteAtHome help encourage my middle school writer?

Enrolling in a WriteAtHome workshop allowed me to become more of a writing partner with my middle schooler and less critic. Her WriteAtHome coach was excellent at offering praise for the areas where she was doing well and specifically communicating how her writing could be improved.

It also motivated her by committing. Someone, other than mom, was expecting her assignment.

Why does this always seem to have such an impact? It just does, especially with writing.

When mom assigns math, there is a definite endpoint. Writing is a bit more ambiguous, so I’ve found my kids tend to drag their heels quite a bit more.

We did have a bit of trouble the first week navigating the course dashboard, but once I realized my mistake we had no further issues.

Another benefit of WriteAtHome is that my middle schooler has learned a bit more about navigating GoogleDocs, saving and uploading files from the computer, and completing an online course.

All of these skills will serve her well as she moves towards high school and college.

Middle School Writing Homeschool

Middle School Writing Help with WriteAtHome

Middle school plus writing can be a tough combination, for both you and your child. However, having a personal writing coach can help you be the parent and support you want to be.

WriteAtHome offers online courses that allow you to take a break from being the teacher, and be the parent.

We know writing skills are essential to a good education, but teaching your child how to write can be difficult.

WriteAtHome gives you a second opinion and expands your child’s writing audience.

WriteAtHome’s online workshops help teenagers learn how to write, so you have the time and energy to focus on the parts of homeschooling that you enjoy most.

WriteAtHome Middle School Workshop

Check Out WriteAtHome’s Middle School Workshops

WriteAtHome offers three semester-long courses, as well as the following 8-week workshops:

  • Narrative Writing
  • Descriptive Writing
  • Expository Writing
  • Persuasive Writing
  • Research Papers

Encouraging your middle schooler to write can be a struggle; make that a bit easier with help from a WriteAtHome personal writing coach.

WriteAtHome Middle School Writing

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