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25 Super Spring Science Activities for Kids

Find a fun learning activity in this list of 25 spring science activities for kids.

Spring is full of changes. From plants blooming to new life hatching from eggs, there are so many different things to explore in the spring season! Children are naturally curious, and science activities are a great way to get your kids involved in learning.

These spring science activities are perfect for curious minds of all ages. You can do these activities as part of a homeschool lesson plan or just when you need something fun to do around the house.

These activities would also be good for a spring unit study. Here are 25 spring science activities for kids of all ages.

Spring Science Activities for Kids

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Spring Science Activities for Kids

Science and nature activities are perfect for springtime because they are so easy to find right outside our door. It only takes a walk around the neighborhood to see bulbs bursting through the ground and buds emerging from the trees.

What I love about these activities is that they are simple and use materials you probably have on hand. So there’s no need to wait, nor shopping trips to plan, just find an idea and run with it.

Exploring How Water Travels Through Leaves

From Buggy and Buddy, this simple activity does a great job of demonstrating how water flows through leaves. So simple to do with some cups, leaves, and a bit of food coloring.

Photo courtesy of Buggy and Buddy

How Does it Rain?

Another super simple demonstration from Learn Play Imagine teaches how precipitation is formed.

Photo courtesy of Learn Play Imagine

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Regrow Lettuce Activity

Little Bins for Little Hands has an activity I’m sure my little guy will love. Who wouldn’t love to see lettuce sprout up again? I also love that you can see the little roots shooting down from the base.

How Do Plants Breathe Activity

Now that we’ve seen how water moves through the leaves of a plant, let’s take a look at how plants breathe! Also from Little Bins for Little Hands, this activity is all about plant respiration.

Crystal Butterfly Craft

You’ve probably done this in the winter to make snowflakes or Christmas ornaments, but how about these cute butterflies from Fantastic Fun and Learning? All it takes are some pipe cleaners, borax, and water to create these cute spring decorations.

Egg Drop Project

Every kid loves an egg drop! My 10 year old just did this in her co-op STEM class. Get all the details at Buggy and Buddy to have your own egg drop challenge.

Photo courtesy of Buggy and Buddy

Chromatography Butterfly Craft

Learn about the magic of color and chromatography with this amazing experiment also from Buggy and Buddy. All you need are some coffee filters, markers, and some water. Simple!

Photo courtesy of Buggy and Buddy

Paper Plate Life Cycle of a Butterfly Craft

From Homeschool Preschool, this life cycle of a butterfly crafts is something the little ones will love.

I remember when my oldest was little and she rolled up in a blanket on the floor. She yelled to me, “look, mom, I’m a chrysalis!”

Photo courtesy of Homeschool Preschool

Multicolored Flower Science Experiment

Similar to the activity learning how water travels through leaves, this experiment from Kindergarten Connection uses white Chrysanthemums to show how the flower takes in water.

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Seed Sprouting Experiment

I love this experiment from the Gift of Curiosity! Make two containers with some damp seeds to sprout. Place one in the sunlight and one in the dark, and see the differences.

Photo courtesy of Gift of Curiosity

Cress Heads

How cute are these? Grow some cress inside an empty egg shell, and also note how the cress will grow in the direction of the sun. Thanks Red Ted Art.

Photo courtesy of Red Ted Art

DIY Wormery and Journaling

Most kids also seem to love worms. I even get excited when I find one in the soil. Rainy Day Mum has a great activity to build a worm habitat and journal bout your findings.

Are Seeds the Same? Science Investigation

Have you even though about how seeds can be so different. from a tiny mustard seed to an enormous avocado pit, seeds come in all shapes and sizes. Fantastic Fun and Learning has some ideas on collecting and investigating different types of seeds.

Photo courtesy of Fantastic Fun and Learning

Natural Watercolor Paint from Fresh Flowers

I had never thought of this! Who knew you could extract the colors from flowers and create your own watercolors. Check out this fascinating idea from Learn Play Imagine.

Photo courtesy of Learn Play Imagine

Spring Scents Science Activity

Ah, the smells of spring. Fantastic Fun and Learning has a fun and mysterious activity for the kids to guess the scents.

How to Make a Rain Cloud in a Jar

Homeschool Preschool has another way to demonstrate rain by using shaving cream and food coloring. A bit messier, but lots of fun.

Photo courtesy of Homeschool Preschool

Tornado in a Jar

I’ve lived most of my life in some part of “Tornado Alley.” I remember sitting on the floor with a book over my head in school or fleeing to an interior room as a child. Not fun. I’ll take a tornado in a jar any day over the actual event.

From Playdoh to Plato, has an easy demonstration for kids to see how tornados work without the danger of flying debris!

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Spring Science Looking at Flowering Bulbs

Bulbs are magical. They sit in the ground most of the year just waiting to spring forth a beautiful bloom. Rainy Day Mum has some great ideas for learning more about springtime bulbs.

Photo courtesy of Rainy Day Mum

Dissecting a Flower

Gift of Curiosity also has some great ways to dissect and learning the parts of a flower.

Photo courtesy of Gift of Curiosity

Easy and Fun Walking Rainbow Science Experiment

From STEAMsational comes this fun idea that kids will love! With just a few supplies, your kids will have a beautiful walking rainbow.

How to Raise Tadpoles from Frogspawn in your Home or Class

Now, this is a fun idea from Rainy Day Mum, but not something every mom would want to do. Watching a frogspawn change into a tadpole would be so fun and fascinating. The hardest part will be finding some frog eggs.

Photo courtesy of Rainy Day Mum

Paper Recycling Project

Making your own paper is always fun, and STEAMsational also gives you instructions on making your own simple mesh screen. Think of all the things you can do with your handmade paper.

Frog Life Cycle Candy Science Craft

If you don’t want to raise the frogspawn, we have a tastier option. Homeschool Preschool show you how to create the life cycle of a frog with candy! Now that’s fun.

Photo courtesy of Homeschool Preschool

Dissecting a Flower

Science Sparks also has a flower dissection idea, and I love her parts of a flower graphic. So helpful for those of us that forgot all those names.

Photo courtesy of the Science Sparks

Raise a Praying Mantis

We raised praying mantises many years ago, and let me tell you, there are A LOT in one of the kits. I couldn’t believe how many were inside our little net house and I was worried they would escape into the house.

So if you do this, keep an eye on them and set them free quickly. Plus, they’re great for your garden.

The Educator’s Spin On It has some additional ideas for learning about the life cycle of the praying mantis.

Photo courtesy of The Educators Spin On It

Enjoy Spring with Some Fun Science Activities for Kids

Now that spring has arrived, it’s time to get outdoors and have some STEM fun with the kids. I hope these spring science activities for kids will give you some quick and easy ideas to encourage learning even while you’re enjoying the warmer weather.

Happy spring learning!

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