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How Your High Schooler Will Benefit from College and Career Prep

College and career prep for the high school homeschooler will benefit them throughout life.

At the moment, I feel like I’ve made a big mistake in our homeschool. You see, I’m a pretty chill homeschool mom. At times I’m a full-fledged unschooler and then I question myself and make everyone do some math.

So far it’s working.

My oldest will have 60+ college hours completed before she turns 19.

Now, I’ve never been a mom who was all about prepping my kids for college attendance. Maybe they would go, maybe they wouldn’t. I don’t crack the proverbial whip with threats of, “you’ll never get into college!” because I know that isn’t true. There is a college for everyone, and it isn’t as hard to get in as we’ve recently been led to believe.

So, what’s the problem?

I’m not sure, really. Perhaps it’s ambivalence about college? Could it be my desire for my children to choose for themselves? Maybe it’s the ramifications of a global shutdown? My money is on the last one.

Whatever the reason, I’m feeling this pull to help my kids narrow down the choices. Decision fatigue is real, and I’ve experienced it many times in my life. Telling our children they can do anything they want may seem supportive, but we need to see how that can also be overwhelming.

This is where the idea of college and career prep comes in. And I don’t mean college prep by way of Calculus and AP Physics. A more philosophical and practical career and college prep.

So how do you do that in your homeschool?

College and Careen Prep

Philosophical College and Career Prep

The philosophical discussion surrounding college attendance seems to be the one we severely lack in our society. We only consider the rote reasons for attending college that have been pounded into us by everyone from Presidents to nosy next-door neighbors.

However, whether or not your child attends college, what career path they choose, how in debt they become, and how they manage their life as an adult have lasting effects. So we need to give them the tools to really think about these things.

So that’s where my interest in taking a look at Mr. D Math’s College and Career Readiness originated. This is what I needed, some help in navigating the maze of college, career, and life choices with my children.

What makes Consumer Math Online with Mr. D Absolutely Awesome

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College and Career Prep for your high schooler

College and Career Readiness Course

Mr. D Math’s College and Career Readiness class is a one-semester, half-credit course that encourages your kids to broaden their view of the future, while also introducing some of the skills and information needed to make thoughtful decisions, such as:

  • Goal Setting
  • Time Management
  • Learning about Your Individual Learning Style
  • The Career Field that is Right for You
  • Financial Literacy
  • Resume Writing
  • College Application Writing
  • Leadership Skills
  • Entrepreneurial Skills

Another thing I like about this course is that you have a live class option. The live class provides the huge benefit of a teenager seeing they are not the only ones grappling with what to do with the rest of their life. As I’m living this currently with a child, I can see where it would help them to know all this angst is normal.

It’s a rare 18-year-old who knows exactly what they want to do in life and never again wavers.

How Does This Class Differ From Consumer Math?

I recently reviewed Mr. D’s Consumer Math course, and they are very similar, so I wanted to take a minute to compare and contrast them a bit.

College & Career Prep

  • Semester-long, half-credit course
  • Includes researching a college
  • Virtual career and college field trips
  • Live and self-paced class options

Consumer Math

  • Year-long, full credit course
  • Can be a Math or Elective high school credit
  • Only available as a self-paced course
  • Includes more personal finance topics and math

These courses are extremely similar, so deciding which one to choose really depends on your goals.

If your child needs another high school math credit and some instruction on more of adulthood’s technicalities (i.e., taxes, large purchases, etc.), then Consumer Math would be a great option.

However, if you want your child to dive into career and college exploration, or would like the benefits of a live class, College and Career Readiness would be a good choice. Plus, as it’s only a semester-long course, the cost of the live class is more affordable than the typical year-long course.

College Career Prep Class for High Schoolers

More Than Simply College and Career Prep

Mr. D’s course is more than the typical high school career prep class where you spend a year researching jobs you have no interest in. Your child thinks about their likes and dislikes, their unique strengths, and how they envision their future with this course.

It helps them develop time management and goal-setting skills, which are useful whether they choose to attend college, enter the workforce, or become an entrepreneur.

If you want your child to explore these topics and perhaps enter adulthood a bit more prepared with what motivates them, then Mr. D’s College and Career Prep will give them the tools needed.

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