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Gardening with Kids: 3 Easy Ways to Get Started

Gardening with kids can be a wonderful outdoor activity that can include the entire family. Here are some tips to start growing.

Kids love being outdoors, so gardening is a great hobby to introduce to the youngest of ages. It is also a wonderful family activity that will provide the basis of a life-long appreciation of nature.

Gardening is an active hobby that will pull them away from the screens and doing something with benefits for themselves, the family, and even the world. We need those bees!

Kid also love to eat what they’ve grown themselves, which can be very beneficial if you have a picky eater.

So how do you start gardening with kids? Here are some easy tips and ideas for engaging the interest of little ones in the garden.

Gardening with Kids

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Begin With Some Kid-Friendly Vegetables

Vegetables can be fun to grow and have the benefit of being edible. Kids love the idea of growing their own food, and it might even get them to try some veggies that they would not have been interested in if they had come from the store.

Some of the best vegetables to grow for kids are tomatoes, corn, and pumpkins. These are all easy to grow and fun to harvest. Cherry tomatoes are one of the best types for kids, as they love to pick the small fruit and eat it right off the vine. Corn is also a favorite at family barbecues, and its tall stalks are attractive to children.

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Pumpkins are a childhood favorite for many reasons. Not only do they grow very quickly (thus relieving the boredom of having to wait too long to see some action), but kids love being able to produce their own jack-o-lanterns for Halloween. With a wide variety of colors and sizes, you can find the perfect pumpkin to grow in your space.

Flowers for a Child’s Garden

The best way to choose flowers for a gardening with kids is to have children select the flowers themselves.

Take them to a nursery and roam the aisles together, letting them choose a few flowers that spark their interest. Suggest different colors and point out which ones will or will not work with the conditions of the garden.

Children love to have a say in planning their own gardens, and this will allow them to have control of the look of the space.

Gardening with Kids

Nature Activities for Kids

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Select Interesting Plants for Children

Many children become intrigued with the variety and shapes of different plants. Allow them to choose plants that capture their imaginations and are easy to care for. Some options include:

Don’t worry about how it will all look in the end – this is their area of the garden, and they will be much more interested if they can decide what goes in it.

The Love of Gardening with Kids

Providing an area of the yard just for children to set up their own garden can enrich a child’s love for nature and the outdoors that can last a lifetime. By allowing children to choose some fun vegetables, flowers, and plants to grow themselves, their interest in gardening can grow into a wonderful hobby that could last the rest of their lives. It might also encourage them to eat the vegetables that they grow themselves.

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