What Makes Consumer Math Online with Mr. D Absolutely Awesome

Adding consumer math online with Mr. D Math might just be what your homeschooling high schooler needs.

Are you searching for an additional math credit for your high schooler who doesn’t have Calculus in their future?

Do you need an elective credit to round out your child’s transcript?

Is your teenager “clueless” concerning all the moving parts of adulthood?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, a great option might be a course in consumer math with Mr. D Math.

A class in consumer math topics is a great introduction to all the financial requirements of adulthood and also provides context for many of the arithmetic skills your child has learned. It makes it a bit harder for your child to complain, saying, “when am I ever going to use this?”

And if you’ve ever wondered why you never learned about taxes in school, then this is your opportunity to fix that for your child.

So what makes consumer math with Mr. D Math so awesome? I’ll give you all the reasons I love this course and it will become a staple for all my children. Life skills are something many children are lacking and this is a great introduction to the responsibilities of being an adult.

Consumer Math online with Mr. D Math

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What is Consumer Math Online with Mr. D Math?

As I’m sure many do, I have a child who isn’t going to be an engineer or a doctor. Numbers aren’t their strong suit, and that’s okay. When the opportunity to try Mr. D Math’s Consumer Math Course became available, I knew it was perfect for this child.

So what does consumer math even mean? Well, I assumed it would be opening a checking account, calculating interest on debt, and a bit of taxes, but what I found was even more.

Mr. D Math’s self-paced consumer math course is project-based and has the student applying skills to real-world situations. From paying taxes to buying a home, your child will be introduced to how these things work and what factors to consider when facing these situations as adults.

consumer math online with Mr. D Math

However, it goes beyond the technical aspects of financial literacy and includes sections on goal setting, time management, and resume writing. At first glance, these don’t seem like topics to include in a homeschool consumer math course, but by also addressing these ideas they are giving your child a road map for adulthood.

Honestly, you could call this course Adulting 101. It covers all those things you wish you had learned in high school that would have made your young adult life a bit easier. I need help with some of these things even now!

free project based homeschooling ebook

How is the Consumer Math Online Set Up?

The biggest question is always, “how does it work,” so let me explain.

Consumer Math with Mr. D Math is a self-paced, online class that you access through their learning platform.

We’ve tried many online platforms throughout our homeschooling years, and I feel that Mr. D’s is one of the best. It’s organized and easy to understand. There aren’t separate login areas, and once you are on the platform, everything flows from there.

Let me walk you through some screenshots to make it easier to visualize.

When your child first logs into their account, their main page will have all their courses listed. Are they taking ASL, Flamenco Guitar, and Consumer Math? You’ll find links to them all here on the main page.

Mr. D Consumer Math Online

From that main page, you choose the course you would like to enter, and you’ll then see something similar to the image below. This is inside the course, and here you see each lesson within the class. So if you need to revisit a topic or complete a previous assignment, it is easy to find.

consumer math online lessons

Once you choose your current lesson, you will see a page like the one below, which lists all the lessons along the left side. From here, you can see and assignments for each lesson. From here, it is easy to click around and get to exactly where you need to be. Each section is well labeled, making it easy to navigate.

consumer math online goal setting

The intuitive nature of the course design is very helpful and makes it easier to know you are getting the information you need and completing the course.

What do They do in This Course?

When you hear the term “consumer math,” you often think of balancing a checking account or learning about the compounding effect of interest on the cost of a car or home.

And, of course, these are important skills that help you make good decisions with your life beyond finances as an adult.

However, I was impressed to see the breadth of topics included in the Mr. D Math Consumer Math course. Here’s a list of the project topics for you:

  •     Goal Setting
  •     Time Management
  •     Having a Bank Account
  •     Check Writing
  •     Having a Credit Card
  •     Investment Strategies
  •     Career Assessment
  •     Resume Writing
  •     Using Percentages for Finding Discounts and Sale Prices
  •     Percentages for Paying Sales Tax
  •     Using Percentages for Leaving a Tip
  •     Buying Food and Nutrition
  •     Buying or Renting a Home
  •     Paying Taxes
  •     Buying and Maintaining a Car
  •     Making a Budget
  •     Starting a Business

All high schoolers will benefit from a course that covers goal setting, time management, and resume writing. I’m sure there are a lot of adults who would find these topics beneficial. I know I would.

As I was reviewing the course, I was incredibly excited about the Introduction to Financial Literacy lesson. Mr. D. talks about passive versus active income!

Can you imagine how your life might have been different if you had understood the different ways of earning income, both actively and passively, as a teenager? This gives your child another way to look at life and careers beyond just getting a job and a paycheck. This is something I want my children to understand, but don’t think I do a very good job of imitating.

Even though this course covers typical personal finance topics such as bank accounts and credit cards, it also gives your child an introduction to some topics that will help them move into adulthood, such as choosing a career, resume writing, and time management. Yet another topic many adults could use some help with.

It will broaden their perspective on money, goals, and how those two things intertwine throughout life. Though this is considered a “math” course, it can be so much more for your child.

Mr. Math online consumer math

Consumer Math as an Elective

Does your child not need another high school math course? That’s okay, they could still benefit from this course and you could call it any number of things on a high school transcript.

  • Personal Finance
  • Financial Literacy
  • Life 101
  • Consumer Sciences

Unfortunately, high school education has shunned these types of courses in favor of AP everything and high test scores. However, if your child can’t manage their time, keep track of their bank account, or manage their money, that expensive college degree won’t guarantee financial success.

A Must-Have High School Course

Yes, that’s a big statement to make. Is Mr. D. Math Consumer Math truly a must-have high school course?

My answer would be yes. I love this class and can’t imagine there being a teenager out there who wouldn’t benefit from the advice and knowledge this course contains.

As parents, we try to instill these ideas and habits in our children, but often we seem like the bad guy that just wants to ruin all their fun. However, hearing these ideas from another adult, who isn’t their parent, can have a greater impact.

Now, I will add the caveat that I was a Finance major and love things like interest, investments, and economics, which means this is my “thing.”

I know not everyone will get as excited about passive income or the differences between income and capital gain taxes, but understanding these things will help your child throughout their life. Nothing is as big a wake-up call to adulthood as receiving your first paycheck and seeing all those deductions.

The truth is even if we’re not that interested in tax policy, we still have to files those returns every year, and the money still goes out. Understanding all of these adult realities will help your child succeed and prosper.

So if your child needs that extra arithmetic class or elective credit, this class from Mr. D Math is a great option. More importantly, give your child the life skills that are so often lacking in young adults by having them complete this course.

Is there even a downside? Not really, this is a course for everyone to begin making those life choices that will affect them far down the road.

Credit or no credit, who cares? This is a class for everyone, and that’s why it’s absolutely awesome!

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