An All-In-One Science Curriculum That Will Save Your Sanity

Homeschool families often fall into two categories, either the literature-loving artsy types or the STEM-focused future engineers, and this is as it should be since the world certainly needs both types of people.

However, these differences can make finding the perfect science curriculum a challenge. So what is a homeschool mom to do?

Fortunately, it isn’t impossible to find an elementary science curriculum that will satisfy most of the desires of a multitude of homeschool moms and save their sanity in the process.

All in One Science Curriculum that will save your sanity

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Benefit of an All-In-One Curriculum

Many homeschool moms love to design their own curriculum, or if you’re like me, take each day as it comes and see what you discover. Our science over my many years of homeschooling has been eclectic and nature-focused. However, that is starting to become more difficult.

With three daughters in high school and beyond, two more in those tween years, and my sole little guy in Kindergarten, what began as a close gap in ages has become a canyon. It’s taken some adjustment, a little sadness, and a touch of gratitude, but I’ve come to see the benefit of an all-in-one curriculum for my youngest.

Kindergarten Science Curriculum BookShark

I want to spend time with him reading books and doing all those fun things little ones do, but without someone to hold my hand and give me a nudge, it just wasn’t happening often enough. Luckily, I was able to give BookShark’s Science A package a try with my youngest, and we’ve had a blast.

By having everything planned and organized for me, I’m able to drop everything and jump into some science with him at any moment. Whether we just want to read, or he’s ready for an experiment, I’m ready. I’m no longer wasting my time scanning my bookshelves or calling it off because I can’t find a substitute for the needed experiment supply.

Science Books to Love

Where do you fall? Are you the book-loving, artsy homeschooler or the STEM-focused homeschool mom of future engineers?

We certainly fall (so far) into the first category, though my youngest loves all things science. Yet, I prefer our literature and art projects over science textbooks.

However, this is what makes BookShark’s literature-based science curriculum an excellent fit for our family. It’s full of books we love to read.

The Level A Science package centers on the Usborne Internet-Linked Children’s Encyclopedia, which is an amazing book to add to your homeschool for studies beyond science. This book is packed with information from geology to physics (and some history, too).

After reading, we often use the QR codes to view related websites or videos. We’ve watched videos about tsunamis, fennec foxes in the Sahara desert, and compared the lengths of the world’s longest rivers.

Beyond the encyclopedia, there are other interesting books your kids and you will enjoy.

BookShak Kindergarten Science Curriculum

A Science Curriculum With More Than Books

If you’re the STEM mom, then you may be worrying that BookShark’s science curriculum is just books. Rest assured, there is more than just reading the books!

Your package comes with an Instructors Guide that gives you a schedule and plan for the readings as well as activity pages and options for hands-on activities and experiments.

I’m typically not one to love a day-by-day plan, but I use this as I do most plans. First, I look at the weekly guide. Then, I pick a book. Sitting down and reading just one page of the encyclopedia will only happen if we’re heading out the door. My son will want me to read as long as possible, so we might read the entire week’s encyclopedia readings at once.

That’s okay because we’ll sit down again to look over the pictures more later or do talk about the activity pages. We often do the activity pages orally so that he has the opportunity to talk and retell what he remembers from the books.

He can give a very detailed account!

science curriculum for multiple ages

Also included is the Science Supplies Kit, which provides several of the needed supplies to complete the demonstrations. The BookShark Instructors Guide has a useful note listing the supplies required for the experiment and which are found in the included science kit.

Why is this kit so great?

Because it keeps me from having to buy that massive pack of balloons I will be picking up off the floor for weeks. Or rubber bands. Or straws. I could go on and on, but as a homeschooler, you know what I’m saying. It’s easy, and it gives me the appropriate amount.

A surprising favorite of BookShark’s Level A Science is the Discover & Do Level K DVD. My five year old loves to watch his “science videos.” I think he enjoys the simple, not overly produced demonstrations, and he feels like they’re talking to him.

So if you’re looking for a science curriculum that is more than a boring textbook, BookShark gives you the best of both with interesting books and engaging hands-on science experiments.

Level A Science Currculum BookShark

Save Your Sanity with BookShark Science

As a mom that doesn’t “love” science, having BookShark’s all-in-one science curriculum makes exploring and getting to those hands-on activities a bit easier. It saves you the stress of planning a subject you don’t love, as well as the guilt of not doing enough.

As a mom who enjoys science, you have a framework that will eliminate the hours researching, planning, and organizing your science studies for the upcoming year.

Whatever your perspective on science, BookShark allows you to enjoy the subject without losing hours of your life to researching and lesson planning.

And as homeschool families, we’re all looking to add hours to our days.

BookShark makes it easy by giving you a plan, books, ideas, and supplies for hands-on learning. You will no longer be disappointed because a library book is unavailable or rummaging through your kitchen, looking for a random straw.

Click the button below to check out all of BookShark’s science options, and be sure to enter to win a BookShark Science Package of your choice!

All in One Science Curriculum

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