10 YouTube Craft Channels to Make Homeschooling Fun

As homeschoolers, we seem to turn to YouTube regularly. Whether it’s watching a documentary or the mom-dreaded slime videos, we often find ourselves there. Honestly, YouTube is full of amazing videos that can help your kids learn within a short period of time. It’s instant information right when you need it.

This is especially true with crafting. As I said, my girls love a good slime video, but sometimes I would like a little more than just the consumption of all my household products in the name of ooze. So here are 10 YouTube crafting channels for kids to inspire creativity.

10 YouTube Craft Channels to Make Homeschooling Fun

Drawing for Kids

This channel helps the kids learn how to draw through a step by step process. They guide you through every single line and stroke.

This is good for beginner artists and kids and with over 1000 step by step lessons, and the kids will definitely love this channel.

Red Ted Art

Red Ted Art has crafts that require a little more skill than the usual cut and paste, therefore your older kids will find something too. She uses everyday items you have around the house, so your never waiting on a trip to the craft store.

I love this mini origami photo album and there could be so many homeschool uses.


5 Minute Crafts

These are short, crisp, fun videos. Learn how to make everything from dollhouses, colorful clothing, smart hacks and other DIY- projects. Plus, they even have some math hacks and DIY fine motor activities to add to your homeschool.

Homeschool Strewing

Easy Kids Crafts

Easy, fun craft activities. This channel inspires your kids to create and enhance their crafting skills through step by step instructions.

You can even find a phonics video and these adorable mini-notebooks.

Simple Kids Crafts

This channel is dedicated to making easy, educational crafts for all ages, right from elementary. They use eco-friendly, recyclable materials that can be easily found within the house.

Any kid can follow on these DIY projects through the instructions offered on a step by step process. If your kids are like mine and they love anything mini, this is the channel for them.

Draw Kids Draw

Kids can easily learn how to draw their favorite characters from this channel. The choice is diverse; from Santa to the Easter Bunny, and Superman to Star Wars characters. They start simple, then advance onto more challenging crafts.

Draw So Cute

Join Winnie as she draws and crafts in a step by step process. You will have fun as you do this. As the name of the channel suggests, there are a ton of cute things to do, draw and make.

This is my 10-year-olds favorite channel. There was a time I think we had done every video, and sometimes I will play them on the living room TV so everyone can draw together.

Happy Drawings

This is a new one for us, but I know it will be a big hit.

With Happy Drawings, you learn how to draw funny characters. The instructions are easy to follow with a witty narrative and great videos.

Kids Crafts by Three Sisters

These three young sisters are teaching kids across the globe the art of recycling and learning at the same time. Most of the material they use is normally recycled items that can be easily found within the house.

They make crafts, DIY projects and educational materials through recycling. This glitter wall map is too cute, and on our to-do list.

Kids cooking and crafts

Want your kids to learn how to draw, make crafts and cook at the same time? This channel has some cool cooking videos and crafts presented in a fun way by two kids. Learn how to make delicious cakes, recipes, and other fun art and craft activities.

Rainy Day Homeschool Fun

Whether you’re feeling trapped in the house by weather, illness, or you just need a break, YouTube can be a great, and free, source of inspiration and instruction. Some are so simple, you just need markers and paper.

There are other many channels out there, you just need to look out for them. I hope your kids will have a great time crafting and drawing with these channels.

Homeschool strewing

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5 thoughts on “10 YouTube Craft Channels to Make Homeschooling Fun

  1. What a great list! Thank you! We do our Art Classes with YouTube videos too but I hadn’t heard of a lot of these. Thanks again!

  2. Oh, you gave me a great idea for a post of my own. 🙂 THANKS!

    You have listed some that I don’t know, good to learn of new channels.

  3. Wow, what a great list. We’ve recently started using YouTube for morning yoga before we start lessons, but I never thought to look for crafts there. I will be checking out each of these channels today. Is there one, in particular, you enjoy more?

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