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How to Make Touch Typing Easy With Typesy Homeschool Edition

Typesy is a complete, touch typing program with an available homeschool edition. See what makes Typesy so great for the homeschool family.

Touch typing has become an essential skill for everyone. So much of our lives, and how we accomplish even the smallest of tasks,  revolves around the computer and keyboard. Applying for a job, paying our bills, and even that witty social media comment requires us to touch type.

However, touch typing isn’t something that most homeschool moms naturally teach. A discussion about how to type doesn’t translate into real life typing skills. Keyboarding is one area that needs direct instruction and practice.

Of course, there is software available to help your children develop their touch typing skills, but today we’re going to talk about the Typesy Homeschool Edition.

How to Make Touch Typing Easy with Typesy Homeschool Edition

I was given access to the program and compensated for my time in reviewing the product, however, this review contains my honest opinion and I was not required to write a positive post. This post also contains affiliate links, you can find my disclosure policy here.

Easy to Use Homeschool Typing Program

Knowing that it would be difficult to instruct my children in keyboarding skills, I was eager to give Typesy a try. Typesy is a touch typing program used in many schools, yet they also have available the Typesy Homeschool Edition for homeschooling families.

But what’s so great about Typesy? Let’s take a look.

1 | Typing instruction that appeals to all ages.

How often in homeschooling do we find something the 9-year-old likes, but the 13-year-old won’t touch? Much too often!

It never fails that one child will love the games, but another child will find them too babyish. Finding something the entire family will enjoy can be difficult, but Typesy is that kind of program.

The games are fun, but not so over the top that you’re begging them to turn off the sound. Also, the games are optional. An older child can follow along with the course and skip the games altogether. Indeed a homeschool win/win.

I also find the videos to be helpful rather than distracting. They are quick and to the point, which is a bonus if you’re trying to get multiple kids through their lessons.

2 | It’s an affordable and portable typing program for homeschoolers.

We’re all trying to watch our budgets, and homeschooling expenses can quickly spiral out of control, but Typesy helps to keep our bottom line in the black.

One way is the fantastic subscription terms. They have three different homeschool options:

  • Typesy Homeschool Family for $67 (2 parents/admins and up to 4 students)
  • Typesy Homeschool Big Family for $97 (3 parents/admins and up to 10 students)
  • Typesy Homeschool Co-op for $197 (10 admins and up to 30 students)

The amazing thing about a Typesy subscription is that it isn’t just for one year; that price is for five years of access. The other benefit of this subscription versus a single-use software is that it can be accessed from any device. Your child can log in to their account and pick up their lessons right where they ended.

An additional bonus of having a paid subscription typing program is that it is 100% ad-free. You won’t be getting distracting pop-ups and video ads.

How to Make Touch Typing Easy with Typesy Homeschool Edition

3 | Typesy is easy for parents to use and provides ample support.

One thing that was immediately clear when I began setting up our Typesy account was how simple the admin page was to navigate. From the main admin page, I can add students, view their progress, see the date of their last login, and find videos to help me use all the admin features.

On this page, they also provide you with several ways to contact them should you encounter a roadblock during set up.

Once you have everyone added and using Typesy, you can see where they are in the lessons and how their speed and accuracy are progressing.

Typesy Homeschool Edition

Make Homeschool Typing Easy with Typesy

Typing isn’t difficult; it just takes practice. However, as moms, we know that getting our children to practice anything consistently can be difficult.

Fortunately, there is a program like Typesy available to make practicing those typing skills a little easier. Once everyone is set up, they log on and get typing.

Even a short, ten minutes a day practice session will go a long way towards our children developing the typing skills they will use for life.

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