Stop the Negativity and Reflect on the Positive First

You’ve cleared your calendar so you can review the past year, but now what?

Most importantly, approach your review with a positive attitude. because it helps you to see what you did accomplish more clearly. It’s important not to focus solely on what didn’t go as planned.

However, if you’re overwhelmed and don’t know where to start your year’s review, consider asking yourself these questions to jump-start your reflection.

Stop the Negativity and Reflect on the Positive First

What Saved You Time?

This may seem like an odd question for a homeschool mom, does anything save us time? But it’s good to consider what you might have changed up and if it was a worthwhile change.

Maybe you saved time by ordering groceries online to pick up rather than braving the store with your children. Perhaps, you added a science subscription box to your homeschool instead of researching projects and gathering materials.

Did you implement a system or organization in your home that made things run smoother? If you did, please tell me about it!

Hopefully, this question will get you started reflecting with a positive perspective.

What Saved Your Sanity?

As homeschool moms, it’s so important for us to protect ourselves against burn-out. Was there anything this past year that helped you save a little bit of your sanity?

Did you enroll your kids in an outside class so they could see friends and you could have a little break? We rejoined the YMCA and I have been consistent in getting in there and climbing on a treadmill. Now more than ever, I can feel the stress-relieving benefits of exercise.

Moms Deserve Goals, Too!

What Brought You Personal Pleasure and Happiness?

Is there anything you did that you loved and made you happy? Not the kids, not the husband, but you.

Even if it’s as simple as buying the tea you want, what little or big things have made you happy?

We took a two-week long road trip, which made me very happy. It was exhausting, but I was so glad we made the journey.

Write them down so you can remember all the things that brought you joy.

Have You Made Any New Connections?

Being a homeschooling mom can sometimes feel isolating, but we can find connections if we look.

Did you join a new co-op and meet other moms?

Have you started a business which is opening up new relationships?

You can find friendship in many places. One of my closest homeschool mom friends I met through Facebook and we live 1,200 apart. Luckily, technology can keep us connected and I have someone to talk to when the day is looking bleak.


How Have You Grown This Year?

Personal growth can seem like one of those wishy-washy statements to me, what does that even mean?

For me, it means knowing myself. Knowing what I like and dislike, knowing my strengths and weaknesses, and how I interact with others.

Knowing yourself is the first, and most critical, step to making positive changes.

Just this year, I’ve accepted that for most things I need outside accountability. I’ve thought this before, but I now know without a doubt it’s true. I need some outside motivation to get things done. I guess it goes back to me being a lazy perfectionist.

So how have you grown this year?

Start With the Positive

Starting out on a positive note will make this whole exercise more enjoyable, so take the time to think about what went right.

Not every reflection needs to be focused on what we need to fix and change. Not everything has to be fixed and certainly not all at once.

Also, by looking at what worked, we can consider why it worked and we can make decisions that are more likely to bring success in the future.

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