3 Easy Tips That Will Make Evaluating Past Goals a Breeze

Get Ready to Evaluate Past Goals

We often attempt to set goals and make big changes in our life without reflecting on the past, but before we can move forward with confidence we need to evaluate what’s working and what isn’t.

You can gain valuable insights to help you achieve your goals when you pause and reflect, but you have to approach this evaluation with a special mindset.

Looking back isn’t about making harsh judgments or fixating on perceived failures. It is not the time to mentally beat yourself up. You won’t gain anything valuable from shaming yourself for past mistakes or goals you didn’t quite reach.

Instead, focus on looking for patterns and events that impacted your goals. It’s best to handle this exercise as if you were reviewing a friend’s year.

You wouldn’t tell them they were a failure and that they didn’t achieve anything this year. You would never tell them they’re still overweight, the house is still a mess, and all those big plans were a big failure, but you say these things to yourself. Over and over again.

Let’s stop beating ourselves up and focus on positive actions to reach our goals.

3 Easy Tips That Will Make Evaluating Past Goals a Breeze

You’re Going to Need a Time Out

When we start to reflect on our year, we need a quiet, calm environment, and as homeschooling moms we know that’s an almost impossible circumstance. If you’re trying to evaluate your year in between cooking dinner and refereeing an argument, you’re going to become overwhelmed and give up.

When it comes to your reflection, you’ll want to do it in a quiet space. You may need to wake up early or stay up a little later in order to find the quiet time you need to really make some rational reflections on the past year.

Put Down That Phone

It can also be helpful to silence your phone and log off of social media. Not only are they a source of constant interruption, but they also bring the feelings of discontent right into our homes.

It’s important to pick the best time of day to do your review. I’m a morning person, who would be too exhausted at the end of your day to give my attention to the year’s successes. I would definitely be much harder on myself after a long, tiring day.

Perhaps, you’re energized late at night after everyone has gone to sleep. That would be the perfect time for you to reflect on the past year.

So try and schedule your review during a time when you feel alert and energized.

Moms Deserve Goals, Too!

Take Your Time

Many productivity experts and self-improvement gurus will tell you to block out a whole, uninterrupted day to give this project your entire focus. Obviously, they must have someone else to make the meals and chauffeur the kids to activities.

Don’t let this stop you from moving forward. Ten minutes of reflection is better than tossing the idea aside because you can’t disappear from life for 8 hours.

Many people find one hour sessions are best because it gives you plenty of time to reflect without causing you to feel overwhelmed. 

Personally, I think it would be best to devote several, small reflection times to the major areas in our life, such as:

  • Health
  • Finances
  • Family
  • Homeschooling
  • Work
  • Self-Development

Then when you have those few minutes, you can pick one of these topics to focus on specifically. This will give you a topic and direction so you become overwhelmed by all the things you need to consider. So jot down a quick list of the areas you would like to examine.

Preparing to Reflect and Evaluate

Reflecting and evaluating where we are and how things are going is a useful exercise any time, and not relegated only to a new year.

However, the fresh start of another year is the perfect time to consider what areas of your life require adjustments and in which you are happily moving forward.

Create a plan that will allow you to take a few moments to unplug and focus on yourself. The more you move forward with your own goals and desires, the better you will be at living a happy life with your family.

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