Christmas Arts and Crafts to Bring Beauty to the Season

Welcome to day 4 of my series, Life Learning Through Christmas,  as part of iHN’s  5 Days of Christmas hop. Today’s focus is art and handicrafts for Christmas.

There isn’t a better time of year to indulge your artsy side than Christmas.  Something about the holidays makes you want to create handmade memories and beautiful decorations.

So here are some of my favorite art and handicraft resources.

Christmas Art and Crafts to Bring Beauty to the Season

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Christmas Art Appreciation

Working in a little art appreciation is easy with this beautiful book by Sister Wendy. You can approach it more formally or just leave it on the coffee table for the kids to flip through.

Norman Rockwell’s art is pure Americana and his Christmas illustrations had a profound effect on how Americans “see” Christmas. This book is filled with his holiday art and would be interesting in both an artistic and historical context.

Create Your Christmas Decorations

I’m not a fan of predetermined, construction papercrafts. I would much rather my children spend their time and resources on something that will be used or gifted rather than adding to my clutter.  Why not enlist your children to create seasonal decorations for Christmas?

Winter Wonderland Mixed Media Workshop

Alisha Gratehouse’s art courses are a family favorite. When we’ve completed one of her projects we all feel like artists.

Her Winter Wonderland Workshop is loaded with beautiful creations to gift or enjoy in your own home. I love that she gives full video instruction, yet everyone’s finished products are unique. 

Homemade Christmas Gift Giving

Handmade gifts are wonderful to give family and friends, while also helping your child learn some life skills. I love that they also see they don’t have to buy everything and can get much enjoyment from creating for others.

Christmas Chalk Pastels Courses

Hodgepodge chalk pastel videos are my 9-year old’s favorites. She can sit and create for hours. I love that it takes little preparation and few supplies. We can decide at any moment to create art and we never need to run to the store first.

They have two video art courses specifically for Christmas and one preschool Winter course  You can also buy the two Christmas courses as a bundle. You can also go to any of these pages and try out a free lesson

Nutcracker Video Art LessonPreschool winter video art lessons

More Crafts to Brighten Your Winter

I hope you found some projects that will take you through the holiday season and into the winter. May they bring a little brightness in the darker months ahead.

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