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Fun and Free Typing Games from KidzType

Do your kids love to play games on the computer? Don’t they all? Let’s use that time efficiently and have them learn while playing.

KidzType offers online typing games that your kids will enjoy while also learning a valuable skill.

KidzType Free Typing Games

This is a review post, and I was compensated for my time in doing this review but was not required to give a positive review.  All opinions are my own. If desired, you can read my entire disclosure policy.

Typing is a Skill We Use

Sometimes, moms do know best. When I was in high school, my mom made me take word processing as an elective. Do we even use that term anymore?

It wasn’t on a computer but an electric typewriter, and we even had to cover our hands with a sheet of paper for testing. Little did I know how beneficial that skill would become in future.

On the other hand, my husband never learned to type, yet he spends most of his day doing just that and usually with only two fingers. I’ve often thought how much easier it would be if he had learned to type correctly.

Typing has become an essential skill for everyone. I guess you can get by without it and eventually will develop your own system, but it certainly will make things simpler if your child learns to type quickly and correctly.

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KidzType Typing Games

Since computers have become such a fixture in our homes and world, children are using them earlier and earlier. Therefore, the need for them to have keyboarding skills comes much earlier than it did when I was in high school.

But if you’re going to get an eight year old excited about typing, it’s going to have to be fun, and that’s what you get with KidzType games.

I asked my 8-year-old what she liked about the typing games on KidzType and what she said surprised me a little. Her first remark was that sometimes it’s challenging and seems a little hard, but other times it’s easy, and you get victory music. : )

I like that she enjoys them and wants to continue, which can be the biggest hurdle when learning any new skill.

Learning to Type with KidzType

Call me old school, but I think it’s important to learn to type correctly. It just makes it easier and your typing faster.

I was delighted with the structure and sequence of the KidzType typing lessons, typing practices, and typing exercises. You can start your child at the home row lessons and then they can practice that skill in the typing practices and exercises sections.

From there you can continue through the top row, bottom row, shift keys, number row, and symbols lessons.

After proceeding through the lessons, you can check your proficiency with a typing test to see your speed and accuracy.

Why You Should Add KidzType to Your Homeschool Day

So you think learning to type is a great thing to learn, but how are you going to fit one more thing into your homeschool day? I know it’s hard, but I think this one will be worthwhile. Why?

  1. It’s a skill they will use forever. It’s like riding a bike, once you know how, you don’t forget.
  2. It’s free and online. I just donated a typing program I bought some time ago that no longer works with our newer operating system. With KidzType, I just go to the URL.
  3. It’s fun, which will keep your children interested.
  4. Perfect for when you’re rotating through lessons. I’ll send my 8-year-old to type, while I help my 10-year-old and vice versa. It’s also great when you’re scrambling to get going for the day, and an inquisitive child needs something to keep them occupied.
  5. For your younger kids, it can also help with their language skills. The games and more advanced lessons require them to type words which can help with their reading and spelling.

KidzType Free Online Typing Game

Typing is a Skill for Life

Typing has become a necessary skill for life in our technology-dependent world. I’m certainly glad my mom made me take typing in high school, and it’s a skill I’ve most every day since.

Luckily, it doesn’t take an expensive curriculum or lengthy study to acquire such an essential skill. Kidztype typing games will help your child to become a proficient typist, while also having fun!

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