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Every Bite Counts! A Reminder to Me

Dear Bethany,

You’ve worked hard and reached a goal you never thought possible. Heck, you surpassed the vague goal you had in your head. You never thought you could lose 40+ pounds, especially after giving birth to six children, the last at 40.

Just remember it all counts!

Those three stray pretzels left on a plate, that chocolate kiss in the bottom of your purse, and that glass of wine you want after a long day. It counts!



You’re a homeschool mom, that cookie at tea time, those little bites as you’re fixing everyone’s lunch, and that Starbucks on your way to practice, it all counts.

I know it’s hard, you hate wasting food, but you are not the garbage can.

And remember, you feel like the garbage can when you eat like that! You have more energy (physical and mental) when you hold it together and say no!

Happy Valentine’s Day 2017,

Yours Truly

Do You Need a Reminder?

Are you like me and need a constant reminder because somehow those things just end up in your mouth? Here’s a printable to make it a little easier.

It All Counts!

I’ll be putting it on my fridge, pantry, and the stash of chocolate.

I’m sure it won’t stop me every time, but hopefully, I can keep it at the forefront of my mind.

Happy Valentine’s Day. Enjoy responsibly!

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